Pearce Racing – located in Karnup, WA – has 42 walk-in, walk-out stables and eight Horserail-fenced paddocks at its rural property. Dan and Ben believe in a hands-on approach to each of their horses to ensure they receive the utmost care and attention. With Ben predominantly riding and Dan predominantly working on the ground, they have the advantage of ensuring all basis are covered.

The brothers utilise a heavy sand bush track where each horse completes their slow-work and gallops, keeping them away from the track as they find it keeps them happy and settled. The track gets graded before each fast workout to ensure the horses are galloping on an even surface to prevent injury.

The team also take their horses to the nearby Lark Hill training track for grass gallops and barrier education when needed, as well as regular trips to the beach to aid in recovery, believing that this is an invaluable tool to keeping horses both mentally and physically sound. 

Pearce Racing makes great use of its eight-horse walker before and after each workout to ensure their horses are warmed up and cooled down efficiently to prevent muscular issues, whilst also spending time on the walker in the afternoons to get their horses out of their yards and provide them with another form of exercise.

Multiple reticulated and Horserail-fenced grass paddocks have also recently been added to the property to help assist their horses with their recovery after racing.

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89 Grasshill Road Karnup, Western Australia Australia 6176

Daniel Pearce | 0438 224 145
Ben Pearce | 0410 153 625

Michael Heaton (Racing Manager) | 0466 301 543


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